Sabtu, 12 November 2011

forever a highscoper :(

After I graduated from junior high school, I went to Sekolah Highscope Indonesia, TB Simatupang. 
At the first, I knew no one, because no one from 41 or anyone I'd known went there besides me. 
So I thought, the first day would be the hardest day of all for me, but later, I was wrong about this.

Katheryne was the first person I talked to in my first day. and then I started to know others. After the first week most people called it as "MOS", we had a 3-day camping and community service in Sukabumi. That was AWESOME. it was more like "getting to know each other". and the important one, it was tiring but so much fun! :D

After all the camping activities finished, we went back to reality to school.
the first week….
the second week….
until like a month, we had been through hard times together. really hard. we were screwed up by many things from the people, the things that complicated to get used to, and many more.
things got much harder than before until the words "I want to get outta this school and move to ……" came out from us.
but as the time went by and we'd got used to it, when there was small problems, we just went thru it and left it behind because we knew it wouldn't stay forever.

and finally we came to the days we felt that highscope was a place we really belong to.


the day when I had to say goodbye to all my highscopers had arrived. I got accepted in SMA Al-Azhar Pejaten. Be honest, until now, when ppl ask the reason why I moved, the reason is "unexplainable". Like seriously.

I went to hs for the last time to say goodbye to all my closest people there, tho I know we can hang out whenever we can, there'll just another  plan between me and them :(

the last day I went to hs, I came during their lunch time, so it was only 20 minutes to meet them :( and too bad, I didn't see d person who'd always been d first person I saw when I arrived at school :) but in the last day I studied in hs, I was in one table with this person! (y)

Now, it's been a week in alpen, I'm glad that d ppl are nice, but still, I'm going thru hard days without them.

In the silence of night, I always think about going back to hs but it's too impossible to come true. somehow, whenever I've pick one, and there's no undo button appears.

I hate why the flow of my life is so unpredictable.

bye. I LOVE YOU, all my highscopers! ♥ ♥ ♥

And I feel like there's one song from Ipang that represents when I was with them.

Baru saja berakhir

Hujan di sore ini
Menyisakan keajaiban
Kilauan indahnya pelangi

Tak pernah terlewatkan
Dan tetap mengaguminya
Kesempatan seperti ini
Tak akan bisa di beli

Bersamamu ku habiskan waktu
Senang bisa mengenal dirimu
Rasanya semua begitu sempurna
Sayang untuk mengakhirinya

Melawan keterbatasan
Walau sedikit kemungkinan
Tak akan menyerah untuk hadapi
Hingga sedih tak mau datang lagi

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Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Tetaplah seperti ini

Janganlah berganti
Janganlah berganti
Tetaplah seperti ini

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