Minggu, 17 Juli 2011

Pond's Teens Concert 2011

Well, yesterday, I had a totally tiring day but fun with Kirana. We went to #PTC2011 and saw DavidArchie performing LIVE! finally :'D

#PTC2011 was held at Hall D, Senayan.

There were Afgan, Nidji, Sm*sh, The Changcuters, The S.I.G.I.T, GAC, and many more. And what made #PTC2011 really awesome was DavidArchie :D♥

We all had been expecting they'd arranged archie's performance not too late in the night, while Archie, performed for closing. But still, Thank God, he unexpectedly sang all the songs of The Other Side of Down album.

And also big thanks to #PTC2011, you brought Archie to me :D 
thanks, you made me falling for him again. thanks, you made me can't forget that amazing night with him. for the last...thanks, you made me wanna ask him why he's so hard to forget. *aih 

I hope #PTC will bring him to Indonesia again for #PTC2012 and I wish he'd come with Jonas Brothers or the other adorable ones. 
No matter where the place would take, I'll come for them.

One thing for now, I. Fall. For. David. I. Really. Do. 
Okay. Good. Night. Everyone. ;p 

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