Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Uhm... why do i have to be the late one? Never mind.


Mom. she's the most valuable person in my life. Maybe she's not as sweet as the other mom but she's the best for me. and i love her anyway.
She always knows what i really need. she knows everything about me when i don't even know about myself.
There isn't a day of the year that you aren't special to me, mom. and one thing, i'm glad to be one of  your daughters.

"My mom and I get along great! we talk about almost everything and she is always there for me! She and I are more like sisters..."

MOM = Best Friend + Best supporter + Greatest Fan

oya i gave something-not-so-important for her. And she said that she'd always be happy if her children care about her.
Actually what i gave to her is novel. 2 novels.
Later, i'll show you the present and the letter i wrote to her.

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